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Restore YOUR Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker

If you already own a Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker, you may want to have them completely restored instead of purchasing another. All work done to the organs and speakers I have available for sales and rentals can be provided for your equipment as well. Your instrument will play, sound, and look just as beautiful!

You can have your equipment fully restored (components only) or completely restored (components and cabinetry). If you only desire to have the cabinetry restored, that can be arranged as well.

As expected, restoration will take some time (a minimum of one month). This is dependent upon the condition of your organ and/or Leslies, any additional servicing and/or requests submitted by you, and the number of other organs and speakers being worked on. Normally, your equipment would not be received until its restoration is ready to be provided.

A rental organ package is available for churches and/or musicians that need a Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker while theirs is being serviced.

Please see the page tabs (Organ Restoration and Leslie Restoration) for detailed information on the services provided. Please contact me for any questions, concerns, and/or further information. 

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