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I have dealt with many customers; some good, some bad. I've had Pastors contact me for high-end purchases and complete restorations with a check waiting for me upon my arrival. However, I have those that contact me for immediate repairs, but don't want to pay when the invoice is presented with excuses and even lies. Then I have clientele that have blown me away with the support of my company...

I dedicate this section and give honor to Bishop Ira Darden, Sr., from Lockhart, Texas.

I was made aware that Bishop Darden was in need of a Hammond Organ. (Thank you, Rev. Clarence Blair who introduced us.) I called him, spoke to him, and he was so impressed with my company that he paid me IN FULL without even knowing what I looked like! I had my movers ship a Completely Restored CV and 145 to his church. I got on a plane to personally deliver and setup the Organ and Leslie myself. Upon my arrival, we shook hands, embraced, and he immediately began to give direct orders to the men that came to assist. After setting up the organ, I started to play and make sure everything was working properly after such a long trip. As I played, Bishop Darden began to cry. He exclaimed how happy he was to finally have a Hammond Organ in the church that he pastored for over 15 years! Even the stain of the Organ and Leslie perfectly matched the stain that was being applied to the molding in the sanctuary!

Just two months later, Bishop Darden passed away.

I was extremely saddened to hear of his passing while following up with clientele for past purchases and restorations I provided for them. Bishop Darden was a kind, respectful, God-fearing man, but was also "no nonsense", stern, and strict when it came to the church and living a saved life. He's one of the reasons why my company is still making music ministry spectacular in churches!

Being that I know how it feels to lose a great father, I also give honor to his children: Ira Darden, Jr., Derrick David Bryant, Jason Bryant, Karsten Darden, Keshah Walker, LaTanya Brown, Felicia Jackson, Karma Sykes, and the Rivers of Joy Temple of Worship.

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