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As a child growing up in the church, I acquired a love for Hammond Organs and a passion to play them. I can remember the first time starting one up and jumping off scared of the "noise" it made. I realized that it may have been the only chance I had since no one was around. So, I faced my fears and tried again. I've been starting them up since - 25 years later.

During the years, I've done much research and even know the extensive history of the Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker. In 1934, Mr.Laurens Hammond introduced his product to the public and in 1941, Mr.Donald J. Leslie produced his. Even though the products continued to be of two separate companies back then, the combination of both inventions created an outstanding sound known throughout the world.

My love and interest in this "dynamic duo" has brought me to establish my own company in the complete restoration of them. These organs and Leslies have been around for many years and can still be for many years to come. All of those that I provide service for will be evident of this fact. They were originally of pure quality, durability, and well-built. The restoration of them makes it as if they've just come off the assembly line!

AWMP Hammond Organs & Leslie Speakers is focused on providing high-quality service. I will do everything I can AND MORE to meet your expectations. Here, clientele become family. I believe in supporting you as you support me.

Look around the website and see the process for restoring these great products. If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Please keep in mind that computer organ clones and keyboards may SOUND okay, LOOK similiar, and FEEL nice; but there's NOTHING like the REAL THING!

Please check back later for new updates to the website. There's much more to come!

Rev. André W. M. Peterson, Founder and President

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