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Hammond Organ Restoration

Provided to organs purchased and upon request for organs already owned.

"Let's make music ministry SPECTACULAR in your church!"

1.    Drawbars

       - Cleaned and polished

       - Replaced where necessary

       - Re-soldered where necessary

       - De-oxidized

       - Lubricated

       - All hardware tightened, adjusted, and replaced where necessary

2.    Keyboards (Swell and Great Manuals) - pictured below

       - Preset Keys cleaned, polished, and assembly re-greased

       - Playing Keys cleaned and polished

       - All keys tightened and replaced where necessary

       - Manual Rails replaced if necessary

       - Up-stop and Down-stop Felts replaced

       - Key Combs replaced where necessary

       - Manual Buss Bars removed, polished, and lubricated with Hammond Buss Bar Lube

       - Interior compartments vacuumed and cleaned

3.    Pedal Board

       - Cleaned and polished

       - Regulated

       - All hardware tightened, adjusted, and replaced where necessary

       - Up-stop, Down-stop, and Side Felts replaced where necessary

       - Pedal Pushers adjusted and replaced where necessary

4.    Pedal Switch Assembly - pictured below

       - Cleaned

       - All actuators de-oxidized and lubricated

       - Re-felted 

5.    Expression Pedal Assembly

       - All hardware tightened and replaced where necessary

       - Missing parts replaced where necessary

       - Re-matted if necessary - pictured below

6.    Pre-amplifier (AO-10/28/35/39)

       - All electrolytic can capacitors replaced

       - All resistors and fixed capacitors replaced

       - All tube sockets de-oxidized

       - All tubes replaced

7.    Start Motor, Run Motor, Scanner, and Tone Generator lubricated

8.    Start/Run Switches replaced if necessary

9.    AC Wire replaced if necessary

10.   Power Cord replaced if necessary - pictured below

11.   OBX Outlet Box replaced if necessary

12.   Cabinet Finish (Complete Restoration) - pictured below

        - Stripped

        - Sanded

        - Re-colored

        - Stained

        - Given three (3) coats of polyurethane clear coat finish

        - All hardware cleaned and polished

        - All missing components and hardware replaced

        - Pedal board and Bench re-finishing included

The above list covers the major restorations, repairs, and servicing done to the organ console. Other miscellaneous adjustments and corrections are also thoroughly attended to.

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