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Man thank u! Shes better than any new b3 on the market! My aunt likes it alot.(the old organ didnt have a leslie or even sound this good!!! She said. she still alive and screamin....i luv that organ. Thanks for our restoration and we still will keep your contact information. Your work speaks or rather continues to sing for itself every service!!! With the caliber of craftsmanship you deliver, absolutely! From your full restoration for our church's 50th Anniversary to the periodic maintenance 3 yrs later....we are still impressed with your service, pricing, and commitment to the Ministry of Music. Our congregation will tell you they often see me jump from piano to the B3. No School like Ol' Skool!!!!"

Prof. Thomas M. Lee III, Bethel Commandment Church, Whitesboro NJ

"Hello. Good morning. My grandson noticed the area being clean as soon as he walked in. I said to him check it out and he did. He began to check it out. I saw him smile and when he finished, I said what do you think? His response was everything is working good, he did a good job. Thanks again!"

Deac. Richard Cook (Prof. Jordan), Paterson NJ

"God bless I want to personally thank you for your incredible work and assistance to Greater Mount Zion I pray success and blessings to you."

Asst. Supt. Tyrone T. Steals, Greater Mt. Zion COGIC, Farrell PA

"You certainly were a tremendous blessing to us here in Western pa....especially driving through all that snow to bring us a organ. ...may God richly bless you in all your endeavors. ..let's stay connected"

Eld. T. James Harrison, Greater Mt. Zion COGIC, Farrell PA

"Doctor, You're very passionate about your work. More doors will open than close..."

Prof. Vince Addison, Cotton Temple COGIC, Jersey City NJ

"YOU were a great blessing to our church, never did business with any company and receive such personal touch, as you gave us. be blessed and thank you."

Bishop Eric Agee, First Pentecostal Deliverance Tabernacle, Mt. Vernon NY

"Thank you Andre your integrity is outstanding be well."

Prof. Glenn H. Williams, Newburgh NY

"You were always fair, courteous, & professional with myself & Mount Pleasant. We appreciate your services & will be reaching out to you soon for service. Much success as you enter into a new season!"

Pastor Rakeem S. Thomas, Mt. Pleasant MBC, Newark NJ

"You do an excellent job! Thanks for helping Refuge. Now we just need an organist."

Evang. Lynn Kitchings, Refuge Temple COGIC, Englewood NJ

"I want to thank Minister Andre W. M. Peterson for assisting my church with the Restoration, Delivery, and Setup of our new Hammond Organ! From beginning to end..., you displayed the upmost level of professionalism, knowledge, respect, and kindness towards myself and my leader, Chief Apostle Tenia Price. I want to thank you for your commitment to producing quality products that are assured to last for many years to come! Your professionalism and character is Second to None! I look forward to working with you in the near future! Virginia, if you are lookin for that original quality sound of the Hammond Organ, Please contact him! Let him help make music Spectacular in Your church!! Again, thank you! I pray Thee blessing of the Lord which maketh rich and addeth No Sorrow be upon you and your life!"

Evang. Alexandria Roberson, Holy Ground Tabernacle, Newport News VIRGINIA

"Thank you Professor Andre W. M. Peterson for your help in making the Celebration a Grand Home Going! It was your work of restoration on that organ that gave us the Sound of Pentecost in the House today! Saint Mark Church has a Restored Hammond Organ because of YOU Man Of God!"

Pastor Raimeir H. Clay, St. Mark's UFW Baptist Church, Newark NJ

"A company that can be trusted and has great character in doing business with every body they come in contact with."

Pastor Roy Lee Johnson, Macon GA

"Thanks to you Minister Andre Peterson, specialist when it comes to the workings of Hammond Organs and Leslie speakers. I appreciate your caring and professional work. The organ sounds GREAT again!!! Nothing like a Hammond!! Continued blessings to you as you use your skills to help maintain the history and legacy of the Hammond Organ. I look forward to many years of friendship with you. Blessings to you!!!"

Prof. James A. Early, Philadelphia PA

"Just had my Hammond organ and Leslie speaker in my home serviced by Minister Andre W. M. Peterson. It sounds so much better now. This man did some excellent work on my organ. He will forever be one that I call for servicing my organ at my home and for Northeast Baptist Church. Thank you Andre for the great work and service. Anyone who needs to buy a Hammond or needs one serviced or restored go to"

Prof. Kevin Lee, Philadelphia PA

"Thank you!! You are a consummate professional!"

Pastor Reggie Hall, St. Paul Baptist Church, Somerville NJ

"Greetings Elder Andre W. M. Peterson just wanted to thank you for answering our emergency call on New Years Eve Day!! The organ is doing great and we thank you for your professional, proficient, and affordable service. Blessings!"

Bishop Albert N. Jarman II, Ebenezer Methodist Church, Norristown PA

"Min. Andre W. M. Peterson did an outstanding job!!! fully restored!!! JOB WELL DONE!!! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!!!! I just cannot get over that sound!!! THANKS AGAIN!! THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF LINDEN NJ THANKS YOU!! If you need your Hammond Organ repaired!!! dont play around with it!!! Call on Min. Andre W. M. Peterson. YOU ARE THE MAN!!! I just got finished playing for a funeral at my church and the preacher asked the question. Is that a B3? So I said it's the C3. He said to the audience you can truly tell a real Hammond its just that sound and I need my organ sounding like that. So I gave him your info."

Prof. Michael Reeves, First Baptist Church, Linden NJ

"Thank you Min. Andre for an outstanding job."

Deac. Albert Myers Jr., First Baptist Church, Linden NJ

"Thanks Bro. Peterson...Sounds like you did a great job..."

Pastor Derrick R. Dumas, First Baptist Church, Linden NJ

"We're in admiration of a job well done. Thank you kindly Elder Andre W. M. Peterson. We at Faith Temple Empowerment Church appreciate all of your hard work. We look forward to your future business. Our organ has never sounded greater. God bless! AWMP serviced our vintage Hammond & Leslie way out in California. It's never sounded better. Our Hammond B3 holds sentimental values and great family history. We couldn't of trusted it with just anyone. I'm so glad that the Lord sent this Gentleman into our lives. Trust worthy, reliable and very professional. Great job! Look forward to using your services again."

Evang. Mary Williams, Faith Temple Empowerment COGIC, Richmond CALIFORNIA

"And a job well done indeed! Elder Andre W. M. Peterson has taken the church's Hammond Organ and Leslie speaker and brought musical harmony to our ears. All of the distortion is long gone and the keys play effortlessly. Thank you Man of God for a job well done. We at Faith Temple Empowerment Church highly recommend your services, to all. Professor Organologist, I wanted to thank you for the phenomenal job you did on our Hammond B3 & Leslie 122 while you we're here in California. Not only did you restore the sound quality to a crisp rich sound. You also restored the exterior finish. It looks & sounds like a new unit. Sincere thanks,"

Supt. Donnie Featherstone, Faith Temple Empowerment COGIC,


"Listen folks. If you need your churches organ fixed, serviced, etc, need to call the right Reverend Andre W. M. Peterson. This organ is right. You're the bomb, man. The best doing it right now hands down."

Prof. Lewis Young, Calvary Baptist Church, Philadelphia PA

"People people people.. If you ever need your Hammond serviced, restored, brought back like Lazarus, etc. then please please please get my Doc Andre W. M. Peterson to work on it. He got the classic C3 at my church sounding like it was just made and sold to be used for the 1st time. Get at him asap. You won't regret it."

Prof. Kevin Belgrave, Refuge Church of God, Brooklyn NY

"We have a 31H in our downstairs fellowship hall that Elder Peterson restored. It is great."

Bishop Tyrone L. Butler, Salvation & Restoration Christian COGIC, Brooklyn NY

"My brother Andre W. M. Peterson knows how to tweak a Hammond Organ!"

Eld. Gary Stukes, Lonnie Memorial COGIC, White Plains NY

"Hey my brotha. The B2 sounds and looks great. U do excellent work. Thanx for taking care of us at Gravelhill. Thanks for the excellent work Andre. You are definitely a master of your craft. I wish you nothing but success in your organ repair business. #njfinest"

Prof. Michael Peeples, Gravel Hill MBC, Newark NJ

"Thank you! Our staff was impressed by your professionalism and vast knowledge."

Dean Willard Ashley, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick NJ

"You're a top notch salesman. God bless all that you put your hands to."

Bishop Fetson Leak, Mt. Calvary UCOD, Elizabeth NJ

"His work will speak for itself...Support our brother Andre W. M. Peterson."

Eld. Jeff A. Johnson, Praise Temple Interdominational Church of God, Linden NJ

"You Sir are definitely a Connoisseur of your Craft!"

Ms. Michelle Blanchette, Carson CALIFORNIA


Rev. R. David Keith, Greater Bethel Baptist Church, Newark NJ


Prof. Jeremy H. J. Shoffner, Bethel Tabernacle AME Church, Brooklyn NY

"Bless you man. I don't know what you did but the issue is gone and the organ sounds great. It's been played about 10 times since you were there 2 weeks ago and no problems or strange sounds at all. Thank you for your professionalism."

Rev. Jason Mitchell, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, East Orange NJ

"Thank you Andre W. M. Peterson for using your gift to magnify the spirit of The Lord at our church thru this musical instrument. You are indeed a Godsend"

Deac. Dwayne Hickman, White Rock Baptist Church, Linden NJ

"White Rock baptist Church has such a HEALTHY organ because of your services."

Bro. Darrin A. Williamson, White Rock Baptist Church, Linden NJ

"I highly recommend this young man to work on your Hammond organ....He came all the way to Silas First Baptist Church of Severna Park, Maryland from JERSEY....and worked on my organ....If you have any organ problems give him a call....Great work...."

Pastor Jesse E. Young, Silas First Baptist Church, Severna Park MD

"Great job Rev. Thanks for doing what you do, and on such short notice. You're the best! Thanks again Doc for your work on the church's organ. You are truly "the man" when it comes to the Hammond. I will let you know when I get in touch with the other church. Blessings."

Prof. James Early, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Philadelphia PA

"Thank you for coming! Great job for such short notice. I really appreciate it. Blessings again Elder."

Bishop Winston G. Christian, West Side Worship Center COGOP, Englewood NJ

"Greattt Job... Thank God for favor"

Ms. Deidra Knight-Kemp, Christian Love Baptist Church, Irvington NJ

"Shout out to AWMP Hammond Organs specialist Min. Andre Peterson hooking up the B3 & Leslie at my church. Family give him a play. His work is legit and if you need your organ repaired he got you covered"

Prof. Glenn Dawson Jr, Evangelistic Temple Worship Center, Philadelphia PA

"Thank you! Wonderful site and work that you do. Keep on being a blessing to God's people. Good instruments help the worship experience!"

Pastor Daren Miller, Memorial COGIC, Philadephila PA

"Fast response to inquiry. Rev. Peterson was thorough, professional, knowledgeable and a joy to have work on my B3, C3 and Leslie speaker cabinet. Thank YOU Rev. Peterson! Amazing job, Rev. Peterson she plays beautifully! Thank you!"

Prof. Paul Conners, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

"I really admire to work you are doing and the passion that you demonstrate while doing it. Continue the good work. I am a church musician and pastor. I keep up with your posts."

Pastor Tee ShJuan, Columbia SC

"Andre W. M. Peterson did an outstanding job repairing our church organ. It was dead but now it's ALIVE! Thank you young man."

Dr. Asaph Womack, The Life Center Family Worship, Stroudsburg PA

"My friends...If you're in need of a CLASSIC HAMMOND ORGAN AND LESLIE Check out my Friend Andre W. M. Peterson...Top Shelf Hammond technician!"

Prof. Bill Radcliffe, Dublin VA

"Sir your service has been a blessing to us!"

Elder Elect Kendall Wheeler, TET Better Life Ministry, Bayonne NJ

"Hallelujah!!...& thank you!! God bless you for your heart in the work you do!"

Prof. Yolanda 'Yogi' Grice, Hillside NJ

"...You want that Hammond organ sounding good for Easter Sunrise Service...Call NOW...You will be glad you did...From personal experience...The pedals...Drawbars...Leslie Speaker must work. Get your organ serviced once a year with an oil fill up to help your tone wheels and keep it running well...Call now and tell him (Andre Peterson) I sent you and bless you real good. Call AWMP Hammond Organs and get his advice...text and tell him I sent you and give some advice on improving and repairing your organ...Need a Hammond...let him know...he will ship it to you for home and church..."

Rev. John Fullard, Sarcamento CA

"The best Hammond restoration I have seen on the Web period.."

Prof. Jack Henriquez, Brandon FL

"Thank you for your quick response. You are certainly quite a professional."

Bishop Feston Leak, Mt. Calvary UCOD, Elizabeth NJ

"Amen... Praise God for His Divine Connection. We are so pleased with your service and expertise. We are looking forward to continuing doing business with you our Brother in Christ. May God continue to bless you, your business and especially your family... in the Name of Jesus"

Sis. Teresa Page, Friendship Baptist Church, Garfield NJ

"You're the best! To all the churches and ministries that need assistance to ANY HAMMOND ORGAN & LESLIE, please contact my big brother! I HIGHLY refer and recommend: Elder Andre W. M. Peterson! He is certainly qualified and capable to serve you in all capacities! #SupportingOurPeople"

Eld. Keith Garvin-Howell, True Gospel Holiness Church, Jersey City NJ

"These Iconic Organs have a way of finding you...They know that you will breathe new life into them...Dr. Andre W. M. Peterson YouRtheeMan! Need an Authentic Hammond Organ for your ministry or personal use? Need a faded mis-firing. B3 C3 CV A-100 or any other model or Leslie cabinet Totally Restored To their Pristine Originality Then you Need to call on The Master Craftsman Andre W. M. Peterson."

Prof. Warren "Sonny" Sullivan, Pittsburgh PA

"A big special shout out to this awesome man @RevAWMP for showing me some love. To all my friends and followers please follow @RevAWMP. Also if you have an organ that's in need of service & repair pls contact him. He is excellent at what he does and is reasonably priced for those watching their coins."

Ms. Nacoddetta Wesley, Community Church of Faith of The New Testament,

Roselle NJ

"Sounds divinely beautiful, Andre W. M. Peterson!!! You really know your craft..."

Prof. J'ai Hemingway

"Your videos are the best! We can see how much you truly enjoy your work, serving those who need you to lay hands on their Hammonds! May God richly bless your business and flood you with His favor!"

Ms. Nicole Tee, Columbia GA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! On behalf of my Pastor, Bishop-Designate Dr. Kenneth Pearman, myself and the Reaching Out For Jesus Christian Center, we appreciate all of your time and work on our Hammond A-100. I tell you it played like I have not heard it in a long time! If you need someone who will repair an revitalize your organ and Leslie, this is the brother. Do not hesitate to call him! Thank you again!"

Prof. Ronald David Mims Sr, Reaching Out for Jesus Christian Center, Brodheadsville PA

"God Bless you Minister. You did a awesome Job restoring our Hammond C-3 & Leslie's. May God continue to Bless you and your family."

Prof. Albert Fains, Holy Spirit Cathedral, Palmyra NJ

"If it's deemed to need encouragement, you'll definitely be the Be blessed and thanks again for everything! It was a pleasure to be serviced by your company. Thank you. She's still singing beautifully!"

Prof. Lawrence Carpenter, Holy Spirit Cathedral, Palmyra NJ

"The "Dr. PHIL" of the Hammond Organs! You go!"

Ms. Lucia Taylor

"So passionate about ya craft! Master of your craft! Awesome"

Ms. Shalonda Robinson

"Brother u r truly a blessing to GODS house of music. I've had the priviledge of watching u and also playing along side with u in this musical journey for GOD....GOD BLESS U AND I WILL SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT WHO U R. THE HAMMOND ORGAN KING FIXER UPPER!!"

Prof. Michael Willis, Mt. Pilgrim MBC, Passaic NJ

"Thanks again for your service!!! That organs sounds and feels great!!!"

Prof. Michael Reeves, Nesbitt Funeral Home, Elizabeth NJ

"The services of this brother is just AMAZING!!! Outstanding work!! He will make an organ sound Superb!!! HIRE HIM NOW!!!

Prof. Jeremy H. J. Shoffner, Calvary New Testament Church of God, Bridgeport CT

"I do believe that you are indeed a prolific role model in the world of business mixed in with Kingdom work. Your integrity is resounding and you are a rare breed that need to be recognized."

Ms. Patrice Tankard, Patrice Tankard Productions

"My friend and brother, Elder Andre W. M. Peterson has an organ company and the quality of the products are second to none. I may not be an organist but I know how a Hammond is supposed to sound. He believes in preserving the sound of the church by keeping the Hammond alive. Not the Suzuki's but the Real Hammond sound!!! Check him out. Please show your love or share this..."

Elder D. Leonard Morgan, New York NY

"If you're looking for quality work done to your organ or Leslie Speakers. If you're desiring that good ole school church sound that a keyboard just can't provide? If you're wanting to trade in your organ for an upgrade... I will encourage you to reach out to Elder Andre W. M. Peterson... He's an anointed Man of God and a Professional. Let's support him and his endeavors. I assure you, you will NOT be disappointed. He's reasonable in price and his love of his craft provides a level of profesionalism that exceeds any other. Be blessed!!!"

Evang. Christina E. Harris, Winston-Salem NC

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