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It is with great sadness to announce the passing of my lead technician. He played an extremely vital role in my company, but also in my life. Even though he was of Russian decent and I African American, we were very close like family. I called him Uncle, he called me Nephew.

Our bond began when I was in Middle School! He'd bring tomatoes to my Grandmother; and after she passed away, to my Mother. My daughters were very fond of him. He had a quick temper and would tell you off in a minute...! Yet, it was still comical.

It's very interesting that the first organ that I sold as a kid (through him) was the first model produced by the Hammond Organ Company...the Model A!

I saw him Friday as we laughed about the bag of tomatoes that he gave to me for Mom. Then I saw him Saturday in which he shared some things with me and expressed how sick he was. Monday morning, I received that dreaded call...

He will be sorely missed.

A great man. A great technician. A great Uncle...The Late Mr. John (Jack) Pelak.

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