AWMP Hammond Organs & Leslie Speakers - Fully Restored & Totally Re-Conditioned High-End Vintage Models
Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers purchased from AWMP Hammond Organs & Leslie Speakers (the company) sold as a package or individually are warrantied six (6) months for parts and labor from the date of delivery to the initial buyer (the customer).  This same Warranty applies to component restorations provided.
Should a service issue develop, the customer should contact the company to have the problem resolved expeditiously.  Depending on the matter of concern, instructions can/may be given to the customer to resolve the problem and/or a qualified Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker technician will be sent by the company to identify the problem, diagnose the issue, and make any necessary repairs.  (This method should still be utilized after the warranty has expired, but fees may be applied.)  Whether a specific issue is a “fault” or a normal variance in a Hammond Organ will be determined and explained by the technician.  Hammond Organs are well known to have their own personalities and sound.  Two identical Hammond Organs can sound entirely different due to variations in their age, condition, and placement.
Attaching any external equipment to the organ voids this warranty.  This includes any device or attachment whatsoever not done by a technician sent by the company.  Should an additional Leslie Speaker be desired, the customer should contact the company to make sure that it is compatible with the covered Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker.  Special care should be given if ever disconnecting and reconnecting the organ console from and to the speaker system becomes necessary.  This warranty does not cover broken pins, plugs, sockets, and/or damaged speaker cables due to incorrect attachment attempts.  Instructions will be given to the customer upon delivery.
Any problems and/or issues due to neglect and/or abuse to the Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker void this warranty.  It is the customer’s responsibility to oil the organ console and speaker system once per year.  Instructions will be given to the customer upon delivery. 
The goal of the above is to insure the customer of the best possible service while keeping costs in line to insure excellent future service.  The company’s policy is to handle all repairs in the customer’s facility on the same day if possible.  It is understood that for musicians, their instrument is often their livelihood, and churches don't want to hold services and various functions without their organ.
All sales are final.
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