AWMP Hammond Organs & Leslie Speakers - Fully Restored & Totally Re-Conditioned High-End Vintage Models
Sell YOUR Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker
If you own a Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker that you'd like to sell, please contact me.  I will buy your equipment in any condition that it may be in.  Please see the list below of models I'd be interested in purchasing from you (preferably organ and speaker packaged together):
Hammond Organ Models (non self-contained)
     - A, AB
     - B, BC, BV, BCV, B-2, B-3
     - C, CV, C-2, C-3, D, DV
Hammond Organ Models (self-contained = built in speakers)
     - A-100/105
Leslie Speaker Models
     - 122, 122R, 122RV, 122V, 22H, 22R
     - 142, 145, 45 (short size)
     - 147, 147RV, 47
     - 21H, 46W
     - 251, 51, 51C
     - 31A, 31H ("Tall Boy")
     - 710
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