AWMP Hammond Organs & Leslie Speakers - Fully Restored & Totally Re-Conditioned High-End Vintage Models
Hammond Organ Restoration
All Hammond Organs sold and/or rented are fully restored and totally re-conditioned high-end vintage models.  All work has been done by a qualified Hammond Organ technician.  The following is a summary of the restoration services done to the organ (also provided for organs already owned by churches, musicians, etc.):
1.   Drawbars
      - Cleaned and polished
      - Replaced where necessary
      - Re-soldered where necessary
      - De-oxidized
      - Lubricated 
2.   Keyboards (Swell and Great Manuals)
      - Cleaned and polished
      - Manual Rails replaced if necessary including Up-stop and Down-stop Felts
      - Manual Buss Bars removed, polished, and lubricated with Hammond Buss Bar Lube
      - Key Combs replaced where necessary
3.   Presets
      - Cleaned and re-greased 
4.   Pedal Board
      - Cleaned
      - Regulated
      - Actuators tightened
      - Re-felted where necessary
      - Pedal Pushers replaced and adjusted where necessary
5.   Pedal Switches
      - Re-felted 
6.   Expression Pedal Assembly
      - Re-matted if necessary
7.   AO-10/28/35/39 Organ Pre-amplifier
      - All resistors replaced
      - All fixed capacitors replaced
      - All tube sockets de-oxidized
      - All tubes replaced
8.   Tone & Percussion Controls
      - All tube sockets de-oxidized
      - All tubes replaced
9.   Start/Run Switch replaced if necessary
10.  AC Wire replaced if necessary
11.  Power Chord replaced if necessary
12.  OBX Outlet Box replaced if necessary
13.  Full Oil Service
14.  Cabinet Finish (Complete Restoration)
       - Stripped
       - Sanded
       - Re-colored
       - Stained
       - Given three (3) coats of polyurethane clear coat finish
       - Brass finished replacement screws if requested
       - Brass finished expression pedal rod connector if requested
       - All missing parts replaced
       - Pedal board and Bench included
The above list covers the major restorations, repairs, and servicing done to the organ console.  Other miscellaneous adjustments and corrections are also thoroughly attended to.
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