AWMP Hammond Organs & Leslie Speakers - Fully Restored & Totally Re-Conditioned High-End Vintage Models
I graciously thank the churches, customers, and clients that have supported me, purchased and/or rented from my company, or have had their Hammond Organs and/or Leslie Speakers restored. 
These are the following clients in order of services provided:
Shiloh Baptist Church, Pastor Gerald L. Thomas, Plainfield NJ
- Hammond B-3 and Leslie 147 (Sale)
Mt. Olivet SDA Church, Pastor Henry Davis, Neptune NJ
- Leslie 122RV (Sale)
Highway Church, Bishop Liston Page, Jr., Paterson NJ
- Leslie 22R (Restoration)
Greater Mt. Zion COGIC, Asst. Supt. Tyrone T. Steals / Eld. T. James Harrison,
   Farrell PA - Hammond B-3 and Leslie 122A (Sale)
Peterson Temple COGIC, Pastor Kevin Jones, Brooklyn NY
- Hammond C-3 Bench (Restoration)
St. Mark's UFW Baptist Church, Pastor R. H. Clay, Newark NJ
- Hammond C-3 and Leslie 122 (Full Restoration)
St. Luke Baptist Church, Pastor Kenneth D. R. Clayton, Paterson NJ
- Leslie 122 (Restoration)
Mountain Top COGIC, Pastor Anthony Hunter, Newark NJ
- Hammond C-3 and Leslie 122 (Rental)
Promised Land MBC, Pastor E. L. Chamblee, Newark NJ
- Leslie 122 (Restoration)
Genesis Temple COGIC, Supt. Walter J. Dukes, Newark NJ
- Leslie 47 (Restoration)
Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Pastor Robert L. Curry, S. Hackensack NJ
- Hammond C-3 Pedal board (Restoration)
Praise Temple Interdonominational COG, Bishop Tony McNeil, Linden NJ
- Hammond B-3 and Leslie 142 (Full Restoration)
Gravel Hill MBC, Pastor Jeremiah E. Maxfield, Newark NJ
- Hammond RT-3 and Leslie 122 (Complete Restoration)
Wells' Cathedral COGIC, Sr. Admin. Asst. Hersey L. Taylor, Newark NJ
- Leslie 122 Custom Cable Connector
Trinity Temple COGIC, Bishop Norman L. Prescott, Montclair NJ
- Hammond B-3 and Leslie 147 (Complete Restoration)
- Leslie 147 (Sale)
Glorious Temple Deliverance Center COGIC, Sr. Admin. Asst. Willie G. Robinson,
   Brooklyn NY - Leslie 122XB (Service)
Cornerstone Baptist Church, Pastor Robert L. Davis, Hackensack NJ
- Leslie 22H (Service)
Ebenezer Baptist Church, Pastor Jovan T. Davis, Englewood NJ
- Leslie 122 (Sale)
Sharon Edmond Ministries, Dr. Sharon Edmond, Knightdale NC
- Hammond C-3 and Leslie 122 (Rental)
St. Matthew AME Church, Pastor Reginald T. Jackson, Orange NJ
- Hammond SUZUKI XC-3M Pedal board (Restoration)
Mt. Zion FBH Church, Pastor Willie J. Clark, Jersey City NJ
- Leslie 122 (Sale)
COGIC Temple, Supt. Eddie F. Williams, Jersey City NJ
- Hammond C-2 and Leslie 122RV (Full Restoration)
Bethel Commandment Church of the Living God, Bishop Charles A. Farrow, Sr.,
   Whitesboro NJ - Hammond B-3 and Leslie 22H (Full Restoration)
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